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          Hotile: +86-574-8884 5144
          Products services
          At present, the main products of the company are chlorinated rubber resin,
          high performance chlorinated polyethylene resin, high chlorinated polyethylene resin,
          water phase perchloroethylene resin in five series of more than 20 models of products.
          High Performance Chlorinated Rubber (HCR)
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          Chlorinated rubber (CR)--coating grade
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          Chlorinated rubber (CR)--adhesive grade
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          High performancePolyethylene,highchlorinated(HPE)
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          Polyethylene,highchlorinated(HCPE-M)--coating grade
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          Polyethylene,highchlorinated(HCPE-H)--adhesive grade
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          Chlorinated polyolefin resin -adhesion promoter
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          About us
          About us

          Ningbo Haoxin YURON New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Fenghua city of Zhejiang province. With a distance of 50 km to Beilun harbor, 16 km to Ningbo airport, Huyong and Tongsan highway, and 3 km to Yongjin highway, the transport conditions of the company are very convenient. Founded in 1994, the company has since been a key enterprise of Fenghua city and is specialized in researching...

          Ceo's Note
          Ceo's Note >

          Founded in 1994, Fenghua Yuron Chemical Industry Material Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise of Zhejiang province. Sticking to such...

          Culture >

          Operational idea: To meet the target of sustained operation, be diligent,
          creative and advanced is the key factor.

          Company History
          Company History >

          Fenghua Yuron Chemical New Material Co., Ltd. (Bada Chemical) was established...

          Hot news
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          After a good several month preparation, YuronChemical successfully appeared on China International C...
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